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Happy Campers Dog Training 

Whether it is basic manners training or resolving complex behavioural problems, Happy Campers is ready to serve you and your dog anywhere within the Lower Mainland  & Fraser Valley areas, OR feel free to come check out our monthly group classes at Wag’n’Woof Dog Daycare in New Westminster!"

Our Services

We partner with Wag 'N' Woof Doggy Daycare to provide daycare & boarding services to our clients.

Who We Are

Happy Campers is comprised of husband and wife James and Valerie. We began our journey helping out neighbours in the building with dog sitting and eventually started thinking about getting our own dog. After researching about how to train dogs the right way, we realized just how much bad advice, outdated techniques and misconceptions were out there on the topic and dogs in general. We became passionate about educating other dog owners on how to properly train and care for their furry friends and decided to pursue a formal education in the field.


While we earned our diploma in Canine Behavior Sciences and Certification in Canine 1st Aid, the both of us have had the pleasure of helping many dog owners build a strong bond with their dogs. Now with plenty of hands-on experience in training a wide range of breeds and resolving a variety of behavioural issues, we remain dedicated to our mission. Happy Campers is here to help make every interaction between you and your dog a positive one so that you can become their source of reinforcement.

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